SDTT Bath gloves        Cost: Can$22.00, plus postage and packing.

One of the most effective ways of removing dead skin and dirt from the body is using the SDTT bath gloves. The SDTT bath glove is made from specially spun all-natural plant material (from the bark of the Poplar tree). These gloves remove dead skin and dirt often visibly, leaving the body feeling vibrant and CLEAN.

Benefits of the SDTT Bath gloves:

  • Enhances health by clearing clogged-up pores, allowing efficient oxygenation.
  • Improves skin health, through increased circulation. Try it on your cellulite.
  • Aids in the detoxification process as a result of improved perspiration.
  • Diminishes body odour caused by accumulated dead skin and suppressed perspiration.
  • Imparts a sense of well-being and vitality.

Skin hygiene and health:

Manual therapists, often experience the peeling of the patients skin on their palms. This may be quite embarrassing to both parties. What is the cause of it? Although people take showers or bathe themselves everyday, the process does not rid the surface of the body from dead skin.

Why showering and bathing alone is not enough to leave your skin clean? Because: Soaking the body in the bath-tub or simply showering every day and applying soap with a cloth or loofa does not remove dead skin and/or dirt from body surface.

Showering every day does not remove dead skin and/or dirt from body surface. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Like every tissue, its cells are continuously in the process of renewal. Much of the dead cells are shed as dust into the atmosphere, an alarming amount accumulate on the skin itself, clogging the pores.

Instructions on the use of the SDTT bath gloves:

Soak yourself in the bath-tub, under the shower or a sauna, until reasonably warm and sweaty. Wet glove well (do not soap) and rub your body thoroughly until rolls of dead skin and dirt appear. It is more effective to have one’s partner do the rubbing especially on the back. Shower off all dirt and dead skin. Apply soap suds unto the entire body. Rinse off.

Use the Super Mitt bath gloves approx. 3 times per week.

Rinse gloves after use and hang to dry.


Use caution over delicate parts of the body. Avoid using the SDTT bath gloves on sensitive skin, rashes, cuts, sores, boils, wounds or any other skin condition. Consult with your Physician or Dermatologist. All the benefits of the SDTT bath gloves are anecdotal. The claims mentioned above have not been verified or tested scientifically.The SDTT bath gloves are manufactured to the highest standards from the best materials but have a relatively limited life span because of the wear and tear generated by normal use. For optimum results, they are ideally replaced every 4-6 months.


April 2024
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