FAQ: Question 1: What conditions can SDTT treat?

SDTT may be used for almost any kind of musculo-skeletal condition. However, as in every case of therapy, the therapist should use his/her experience and discretion for each patient and condition.

FAQ: Question 2 Who can take the workshops?

The workshops are open to any Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or any other Therapist or Doctor, registered with a legitimate College or Association.

FAQ: Question 3 Why should I learn Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy ®, what will its advantage be for me?

Any manual Physical Therapist knows the effort it takes to give a treatment. This distinct therapy makes the job of the therapist relatively easy, by indicating to the therapist where the treatment should start and its path of progress, thanks to its practical Assessment procedures. Often, not being quite certain or clear about the assessment of a case, adds stress on the therapist. SDTT also teaches a different, simpler way of seeing the body as a whole, making the treatment strategy “logical” to construct. However, it is worth remembering that simpler does not mean easier. The manual techniques too are ergonomically designed in order to protect the practitioner’s body and joints from excessive strain, thus possibly enabling the therapist to enjoy an extended professional life-span. The principle behind ergonomic manual techniques rests in properly training the practitioner’s body to be in alignment and control of each hand pose. After taking the workshops and adopting Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy™, many long time therapists on the verge of burn out, pain and discomfort have embraced their profession with renewed interest and vigor.

FAQ: Question 4 Does SDTT suit every therapist?

If the system of therapy a practitioner has been using has proved satisfactory for his/her body’s well-being and the expected therapeutic results have been realized, then there may not be any need for change. A therapist must feel comfortable and in harmony with a therapy, its philosophy, personality, delivery system etc. Every therapy system is a tool. If there is conflict between therapist and therapy being utilized, the patient is put at a disadvantage. In Natural Therapeutics, the therapist may be considered to be more important than the therapy.

FAQ: Question 5 As a therapy, under what category of known therapies is SDTT classified?

ISDTT is a manual therapy dealing with the muscle/tendon/ligament/fascia/meridian complex, exerting salutary influence on the joints and thus, the entire body. The entire body is considered to be one unit, operating in relation to and in consideration of all the different parts. Therefore, therapy too is delivered to the whole body rather than to the parts only. Consequently, SDTT is a manual therapy in its own right and category, comprising the above mentioned points.

FAQ: Question 6 As a patient, is Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy ® pleasant to receive?

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy™ as the name suggests is a therapy. Unfortunately, dealing manually with pain whether symptomatic or contributory (often non-symptomatic,) does not provide a pain free experience. The expectancy of relaxation and pleasant sessions for pain relief may be desirable but not within the realm of present-time probability, particularly as the emphasis is about the fundamental improvement of underlying causes rather than just momentary relief of pain. The idea of a pain free and pleasant road back to “health” or “normal” is probably a relatively recent phenomenon and has its roots in the western culture of the last 50 years.

FAQ: Question 7 How long does it take to become a Systemic Deep Tissue Therapist?

In order to become an SDT Therapist one has to go through three stages: Introductory Level, Intermediate Level, each comprising of 2 days. The requirement for the Practitioner Level is attendance to at least 27 workshops over a period of 3 years (approx. 9 per year). Progress is assessed on an ongoing basis; a Certificate is awarded after each level. However, time and number of sessions attended is not the deciding factor, they are a general guideline. In order to become a “Therapist” one should have a good understanding of the Assessment procedure and of the therapy. The prospective therapist should be able to sum up the patient’s body and its needs for therapy from the SDTT perspective. Doing the first two levels does not entitle one to be designated as a Therapist.

FAQ: Question 8 Are there side effects after a treatment?

Common with any natural therapeutics, there may be after-effects. The most common is soreness in the areas treated. Soreness may last from a few days to a week sometimes, depending on the fitness level and tissue health of the patient. Soreness following a treatment should not be confused with bruising. Since Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy™ works on the compensations and the realignment of the structure, there will probably be decompansations during the course of the treatments. Decompansations may cause short term discomfort.

Another after-effect could be bruising, purpura simplex . Bruising depends upon tissue integrity. Rarely a healthy tissue bruises from a treatment, if at all. The time it takes to disappear also is indicative of tissue health. The longer it takes tissues to return to normal, the weaker they are. However, in the vast majority of cases, as the muscular problem improves and tissues regain their health, bruising stops within a relatively short time.

Patients with cancer, diabetes, haemophilia and other degenerative and blood diseases, should inform their therapists at the time of the first interview. Bruising following a treatment in patients with any degenerative or blood disease is not purpura simplex . Patients should also inform their therapist if they are on blood thinning and analgesic drugs. Such drugs facilitate bleeding and bruising.

FAQ: Question 9 How shall I know if the advertised workshops are conducted by legitimate instructors?

This question comes up frequently. The only duly trained and approved Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy™ (SDTT) instructors are posted on this website. Moreover, Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy™ is a registered Trade Mark, any person or persons using it or claiming to teach it without proper training and authorization will be subject to legal action taken by the owner(s).

FAQ: Question 10 How can I find your legal notice?


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